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Have you failed yet?

“New Year’s resolution”…

Just these words alone will be enough for some people to stop reading. If you are still reading this, stay with me! I need your insight:

What is it, about the end of each year, every year, that prompts us to make “New Year’s resolutions”? And what is it about the beginning of the new year, every year, that makes us fail at them so miserably, so quickly?

Well, that’s a long story…probably too long to go into detail here… (Ok, I’ll admit it: That’s just my excuse for not really knowing the answer to the questions. But then again it doesn’t seem right for me to be writing here, if I don’t have an answer.)

The truth is, that probably a lot of people who write don’t really have answers. In fact that is why some people write in the first place. Because they don’t have answers. They hope to get them through writing. That’s probably true for me, too. And so I made a New Year’s resolution to write in my blog at least once a week in 2013, hoping to get some answers to the questions I have and to refine my thinking and reasoning.

Now if you are still reading, take a look at the calendar. Yep, that’s right. Week three…and I am finally writing my first blog entry for the year. FAIL!

So, I am two weeks late with my first entry…but might be just in time after all. Because I am sure I am not the only one in this situation. (I just happened to have chosen a New Year’s resolution, that means I have to publicly write something on the internet and admit my failure.)  Maybe you are reading this and feel like you have failed just like I have. And just like me, you feel like it’s not worth even starting at all now.

But look back with me at my REASON for making this New Year’s resolution: “To get answers to the questions I have, and to refine my thinking and reasoning through writing”. That hasn’t changed. That is still my goal. Am I going to give up on that goal, just because I am two weeks behind schedule?

You, like me, might be lousy at setting and keeping New Year’s resolutions. But I am sure your REASONS weren’t lousy. I am sure your INTENTIONS were good and your GOALS were noble. Are you going to throw all that away, or wait for a whole year to start over, just because it hasn’t started the way you were hoping?

As for me, I am not going to give up and I am not going to give in.

Happy New Year everyone! (I had planned that line for week one, and wasn’t going to waste it just because I am two weeks late…)

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5 thoughts on “Have you failed yet?

  1. marlon on said:

    All the best for 2013.

  2. Diane Reid on said:

    As I read your blog the words of verses in Phil 3 came to mind….forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead I press on toward the goal…
    It’s so easy to become distracted to look back and say it was easier before I tried to do this or to even be filled with regrets about the past which immobilize us. Pressing on is hard work…but then so is following after Christ…we are told to seek Him with ALL our heart…have a mind FULLY set on Him…
    Looking forward to reading more Andreas…thank Val for posting the link!

  3. Rachel Farmer on said:

    I agree; if God’s mercies are “new every morning,” each day is a new chance to rely on His mercies and grace to accomplish the goals He has for us. Why wait?

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