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It’s worth repeating yourself!

If you have something important to say, it’s worth repeating yourself! 
If your message should stick, it’s worth repeating yourself!
If you want people to remember, it’s worth repeating yourself!

Repeating yourself is important in good communication. But often our attitude gets in the way of good communication:
If I said something, it was said. No need to repeat myself. After all: they heard it. They should have listened. They could have asked if something was unclear. They should know. It was clearly communicated! I shouldn’t have to repeat myself.

To which I would simply say: No, you dont HAVE TO… There’s no law about it. You won’t go to jail. And yet: It’s worth repeating yourself.

Ask yourself this:
What was my intention for communicating in the first place? Why did I even bother mentioning it?

Because it was important. And if it is important, it’s worth repeating. Not just once, or twice, but every time. Until it sticks! It’s worth repeating yourself!

Now, just repeating yourself isn’t all it takes to communicate well. But if you want to communicate well it’s worth repeating yourself. It’s worth repeating yourself. It’s worth repeating yourself.

Telling your wife you love her…
Telling your team the plan of action…
Telling your fans the details of your next concert…
Telling your company your vision…
Telling your kids you’re proud of them…

It’s worth repeating yourself. Every time!

Let’s not assume people heard the first time. Let’s not expect they understood the first time. Let’s repeat ourselves and make sure they hear it…again and again.
Until they recall. Until they remember. Until they repeat.

You may start sounding like a broken record. Your family, your team or your friends might start finishing your sentences for you, because they’ve heard them so many times.
But that’s exactly what you want!
That’s exactly what you want.
That’s exactly what you want.

They recalled it. They remembered it. They repeated it.
Message delivered.
Mission accomplished.

It was worth repeating yourself!

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