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Tell me who your friends are!

“Tell me who you friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”
Or at least I will tell you who you will become someday soon…

Because your friends have a huge influence on you.
So do the things you do, watch, read, look at and spend your time on…

We all know that. But do we do anything about it?

It is not uncommon for us to start adding phrases from movies we’ve seen or expressions our friends use to our own vocabulary. “Houston, we have a problem” was a phrase used once in the movie “Apollo 13” and then thousands of times by those who watched and were influenced by the movie.

In 1987 a scientific study found that couples that have been married for many years eventually even begin to LOOK alike. Talk about influence!

We are easily influenced. Positively and negatively. Often unintentionally. It just happens.

This blog is about intentional influence. But I don’t just want to influence OTHERS intentionally. I want to be intentional about who or what influences ME. Because that has a huge effect on my character and my behavior and who I will become as a person…and ultimately on my ability to influence others positively.

And there is only one person who has that responsibility in my life: ME! I can choose what influences me, by choosing what I surround myself with.
Who I spend time with influences me…
What I do, read, watch and look at influences me….

But I have to make a choice. And I have to be proactive:
Who or what is influencing me that needs to get out of my life? – What do I need to stop?
Who or what should have a bigger impact on my life? – What do I need to start?

I need to write it down (so do you!), I need to do something about it (so do you!), I need to start growing intentionally (so do you!).

Then I can better influence others positively (so can you!)

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