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About the Blog

So what’s this blog about anyway?

As you might have seen on the “Welcome” page and in the subtitle, this blog is about “Intentional Influence”.

We are influenced by the people around us, and we influence the people around us.

Some of us naturally have more influence than others. Teachers, for example, or pastors may have influence on a large amount of people due to their profession. Parents have a strong influence on their children due to their close relationship. But also a cashier has an influence on her customers and a waiter has an influence on the people he serves.

We are social beings. Relationships shape us and in some way also define us.
We are influenced by our relationships – and we influence those we relate to.

The question I am excited about is: what do we do with our influence? Are we positively influencing the people around us, and are we influencing as much as we can. Are we using our life to make a difference in other people’s life? Are we using what we have been blessed with to bless others? In other words: Are we influencing intentionally?

So much in life happens unintentionally. At the same time “meaning”, “purpose” and “direction” are something many people want in their lives. But these are all things that don’t just happen. They require intentionality.

I want to influence other people positively in my life and I want to do it on purpose. I am sure you do, too. But sometimes that is easier said than done…

I am writing this blog to help myself stay on track, and at the same time I’d like to offer help to all those who have similar intentions. You, for example!

I am sure you’ll find some thoughts and insights on these pages, that will help you live a life of purpose and intentional influence!


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