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About Me

So who’s the guy who writes the stuff here?

My name is Andreas Dimond. I’m 28 years young, very happily married to Val and have two sons (Joshua – born 2011 and Nathan – born 2013) who cost me a lot of time, sleep, energy and money (sorry for being honest)…but they are TOTALLY worth it. Every single bit of it. All the time (sorry for being honest).

I was born in the UK, grew up most of my life in Germany (with short intervals in various countries around the world) and have recently relocated to Ontario, Canada, where my wife is originally from.

I am a disciple of Jesus (which many people would describe as a Christian). I believe that what people need most in life is Jesus, and that real change and a new start in life are possible with him. I want to be an ambassador of this good news.

My mission in life is “Helping people succeed”. This blog on “Intentional Influence” is one way I try to do that.

I love food (especially meat), sports (live and on TV) and anything to do with productivity, organisation, improvement, growth, personal development, management and leadership.
These passions are reflected by the books I read, what I watch on TV and where my wife can find me in the grocery stores (=the meat section).

I have many weaknesses (I’ll sing you a song or draw you a picture, if you want proof. Or I will try to be sympathetic and social. In any case you’ll get the point). But they don’t really get me anywhere in life.

I also have some strengths:
I have a good grasp of the big picture AND the details of a situation. That is a great asset, but can also be very frustrating to handle sometimes. But it means I am pretty good at organizing. My memory and retention of facts and figures also helps me with that.
I can keep my calm well in difficult situations, which helps keep other people calm, which helps keep things calm…
I am very competitive (challenge me, if you don’t believe me!)

Some other facts about me:
I have lots of muscles. The problem is I’m also quite tall, so the muscles are spread out over such a large area and you don’t really notice them so much. I am OK with that.

I’m also OK with being tall. Actually I love it. You get to see life from a different perspective. Especially when you’re standing in a crowd. Sometimes being tall isn’t so nice, mainly when you sleep in a bed that’s too short, hit your head while walking through a door frame that’s too low or try to hug someone who’s too short…

I usually don’t come up with the stuff on this blog by my myself. Mostly I watch people, sometimes I listen to people and their stories, and occasionally I think about stuff I’ve experienced. Once in a while I actually think of something myself. For example that time I got up at 5 in the morning and came up with this joke/question:

What sucks more? A vacuum cleaner that works, or a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work?
(If you have an answer, let me know. I’ve been trying to figure this out for years!!!)

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, you can ask them in the comments or e-mail me at: andreas dot dimond at gmail dot com

Feel free to follow me on twitter (@andreasdimond). In that way you will always be updated, when I put new content on this site. (And you might be the first to hear the next vacuum cleaner joke.)

Enjoy the blog!

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