Not just for Dads

Intentional Influence – Thoughts for Leaders and Fathers…and anyone who knows some!



Thanks for taking a moment to pop in and have a look around. If you are anything like me, the following three questions will be in the front of your mind right now:

  • What’s the point? (or: What is this blog about?)
  • Who says so? (or: Who is this guy writing the stuff here anyway?)
  • What’s in it for me? (or: Could this site benefit me in some way or am I wasting my time?)
Those are great questions. Let me help you out a little and give you an answer to each one. To keep it simple (and so I don’t bore you) I will give you quick summary on this. You can find more details by simply clicking on the link at the end of each section.
So here we go:


What’s the point?
(or: What is this blog about?)

At it’s core, this blog is about “Intentional influence”.
We all influence those around us in some way or another. I want to influence other people positively in my life and I want to do it on purpose. I am sure you do, too. But sometimes that is easier said than done…
I am writing this blog to help myself stay on track, and at the same time I’d like to offer help to all those who have similar goals. You, for example!
If you want to know more about “Intentional Influence” on this site, click here
Who says so?
(or: Who is this guy writing the stuff here anyway?)

That would be me.
My name is Andreas Dimond. I’m 28 years old, very happily married and have two sons (Joshua and Nathan) who cost me a lot of time, sleep, energy and money (sorry for being honest)…but they are TOTALLY worth it. Every single bit of it. All the time. (And that is being honest as well!)
I am a disciple of Jesus (which many people would describe as a Christian).
I believe that what people need most in life is Jesus, and that real change and a new start in life are possible with him.  I want to be an ambassador of this good news.
My mission in life is “Helping people succeed”. This blog on “Intentional Influence” is one way I try to do that.
If you want to know more about me, click here
What’s in it for me?
(or: Could this site benefit me in some way or am I wasting my time?)

Of course this is the most important question to you. I understand that and totally agree with you.
I don’t read other blogs to make the author happy (Ok, sometimes I do…but usually I don’t). I mostly read other blogs if I think they can benefit ME in some way…And I’d be surprised if you are any different.
So, if you want to find out more about how you can benefit from this blog, click here.

One last thing…

I call this blog: “Not just for Dads”.
I have chosen to place a special focus on leaders and dads. That is not fair and probably not politically correct. But I have my reasons:
Firstly: I think that these two groups of people have a huge potential to positively influence other people – a potential that is usually not utilized as much as it could be.
Secondly, and more importantly: I feel that I can relate to these two groups in a special way, and can offer more to them, than to…let’s say: housewives, musicians or computer scientists (although they too have a huge potential to influence others).
With that being said: As the title suggests, you are more than welcome to read this even if you are NOT a dad.
I am sure there will be something helpful here for you, whether you are a mom, a teacher, a waitress, a student, or the president of your country…

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