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The best you is best for everyone around you!

Personal Growth…

Some people love those two words, others start feeling sick to their stomach. They think of discipline, hard work, getting up early, reading way more than you can handle, dealing with anger or impatience, etc.

It’s probably not a surprise, that I belong to the first group. I am excited about personal growth. That doesn’t mean it comes easy to me, or that I am any good at it. I just think it is so so important in our lives. That has many different reasons, but I will just give you one today:

The best you is best for everyone around you!

It’s simple really, but we don’t often think about it.

We are social beings. We interact with people, many people, on a daily basis. And who we are is not just our business. Who we are, affects those around us.

In a negative sense, when you struggle with impatience, with anger, with selfishness, others are negatively affected.
When you are impatient, others suffer.
When you are annoyed, you are annoying to others.
When you only think and talk about yourself, others don’t want to think and talk about you or to you.

In a positive sense, if you work on your skills and knowledge, you can bring more to your team, your boss, your family.
When you work on your discipline and efficiency you will be more productive and have a bigger impact.
When you grow in character and attitude, others will experience you as pleasant to be around and feel encouraged and motivated by spending time with you.

You feel better, they feel better.
You live better, those around you live better.

We all know someone who is just a GREAT person to be around. They just have something about them that makes you want to know them, be known by them, be around them.

And we secretly wish we could be a little bit like them.

Let’s not look at them and wish we could be like that as well.
Let’s start doing something about it and take little steps towards being like them.

Let’s grow.
I need to grow. You need to grow.

Because the best you is best for everyone around you!

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